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Graph checklist;

  • have you selected the right type of graph to plot?    (bar graph or line graph)
  • does your graph have a title
  • are both axis labeled
  • do axis have a unit (m, kg, cm, s) if they are a measurement
  • is all data plotted correctly
  • is the  line of best fit a straight line or a curve for your line graph?

Bar Graph

If one of the variables you are plotting is not a continuous variable you should plot a bar graph.

graph 1

Line graph

If you are plotting two sets of continuous variables you should plot a line graph.

  • if the plotted points look like a straight line draw one straight line with a ruler to show the overall pattern in your data.
  • if the plotted points look like a curve draw a free hand smooth curve (DO NOT USE A RULER).
graph 2 graph 3